Tiberian Sun Image Archive


Tiberian Sun is a computer game that was created by Westwood Studios.

Although the game was released in 1999, there is still a large following, consisting of people from all over the world that continue to make new game levels, mods, and artwork that breathe new life into what is a favorite game for many.I created some of the artwork for the game while at Westwood, and have been contacted by many people who are looking for any art that may help in the process of mod creation.

Rather than continue to let the old work that I have gather dust on my hard drives, I am posting it here to help the C&C and Tiberian Sun fan community.I hope to expand on this collection with the addition of concept and rendered artwork from other artists as well.

It should be noted that all of this artwork is copyrighted by Westwood Studios/EA, and the appropriate copyright notices should be listed if this work is displayed on your website.


Other Westwood Artists




  "Alien Ship"


  "Nod Cyborg"




  "Size Comparison"


  "Hunter Seeker"


  "Wolverine" Powered Assault Armor


  "Titan" Medium Battle Mechanized Walker


  "Mammoth Mk. II"




  "Hover MLRS"


  "GDI Transport"






  "APC (Armored Personnel Carrier)"


  "Devil's Tongue Flame Tank"


  "Mobile Sensor Array"




  "Orca Bomber"


  "Mobile Construction Vehicle"






  "Nod Temple"


  "Hand of Nod"


  "GDI Construction Yard"


  "Nod Missile Silo"