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I took these photos at Area 62 in Montana, during prototype testing of the U.S. Army MW-77 Assassin.

The MW-77 is an advanced MBAV (Main Battle Ambulatory Vehicle) and is also a heavily armored, all terrain, amphibious, infantry support unit. The purpose of this vehicle is to provide mobile firepower and antiaircraft support for armored formations of sufficient capability to successfully close with and destroy any opposing armored fighting vehicle or aircraft in the world, while providing protection for its crew in any conceivable combat environment. The 165mm main gun on the MW-77, combined with the powerful HBV-16 40mm, 6 barrel gattling gun and 40mm antiaircraft gun system (separate turret) renders the Assassin suitable for attacking or defending against large concentrations of heavy armor forces and aircraft.

The MW-77 also features a commander’s independent thermal viewer, an independent commander’s weapon station, position navigation equipment, a digital data bus and radio interface unit as well as fourth generation forward looking infrared (FLIR) sights to improve the tank's fightability and lethality during limited visibility.